Nmbrs Business English

[FULL] Payroll Business

This course provides you with the basic knowledge to start using Nmbrs® to add employees, add or edit components/HR information, process change requests and most importantly to process the payroll for your company.
Nmbrs® functionalities apply both to our Swedish and Dutch customers unless stated differently.
For more details on single operation, you can refer to the articles mentioned in this course or to Nmbrs' international knowledge base, available at support.nmbrs.com
  • Introduction
  • Survey Business
  • Nmbrs Fundamentals
  • How to create new employees
  • How to add wage and hour components
  • Changes at employee level
  • Feedback #1
  • HR with Nmbrs®
  • How to use the worfklow
  • Change requests and declarations
  • How to perform a salary run
  • Feedback #2
  • Documents and Reports
  • Wage Tax and Pension Documents
  • Final Quiz
  • Last step: let us know how you found the content
Completion rules
  • You must complete 80.00% of the content